Ivanovna Vyalykh

Russia • born in 1940

Biography and information

Born in the city of Osipenko in Zaporizhia region .

1965 Graduated from the Moscow state Institute tekstilny. The faculty of applied arts. He studied at the A. M. Dubinchik, Vladimir Pochitalova, Vtorovo K. N.

1965-1973 textile designer of the Smolensk flax.

1968 Awarded the bronze medal of the USSR for a series of curtain fabrics.

1970 member of the Union of artists of the USSR ( since 1991-member of Union of artists of Russia).

1977-1978 was Elected to the Board of the Smolensk organization of the Union of artists of Russia.

1991 - present named teacher of the College of Smolensk Institute of arts.

1995 Member of Union of designers of Russia.


1967 II zonal exhibition "In unison", Moscow.

Republican exhibition "Young artists of Russia", Moscow.

1969 III zonal exhibition "the Centre - North region", Smolensk.

1974 IV zone exhibition "Artists of Central regions of Russia", Ivanovo.

1977 Republican exhibition of artists of the RSFSR "60 years of Great October", Moscow.

1980 V zone exhibition "Painters of non-Chernozem zone", Ryazan.

1981 VI zone exhibition "Soviet Russia", Moscow.

1990 VII regional exhibition "Artists of Central regions of Russia", Vladimir.

1991 inter-Republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland in the works of artists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus", Smolensk, Minsk.

1995 Personal exhibition, Smolensk, the Museum of flax.

1999 I regional design exhibition, Smolensk, House of painter.

Participant of the international exhibitions in Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, France.

2003 Regional exhibition "Artists of Central regions of Russia , Lipetsk . A traveling exhibition of the Russian Academy bad – the sets , between Smolensk and Moscow .

2004 all-Russia exhibition "Russia" , Moscow .

20.12.2005 passed Away.

Work Sluggish, M. I. stored in the Smolensk Museum-preserve, Zagorsk Museum, are in private collections in Russia and abroad.