Mykolaivna Shapovalova

Russia • born in 1956

Born in the Krasnodar region.

1978-Graduated from art-graphic faculty of the Smolensk state pedagogical Institute. Marx,

1983-1993 Professor of art Studio of the children's club "Kosmos", Ekaterinburg.

1988 Work on a creative summer residence Chelyuskinskaya.

1992 Work on a creative summer residence Chelyuskinskaya.

1993-1994 Artist Smolensk artistic production workshops of the artists Fund of the RSFSR.

1996 member of the Union of artists of Russia.


Since 1979, the participant of regional art exhibitions.

1989 Republican exhibition "Young artists of Russia", Moscow.

1990 Republican exhibition of graphics, Moscow.

1991 inter-Republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland in the works of artists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus", in Smolensk, Minsk.

The Republican youth exhibition, Krasnodar.

Work Shapovalova T. N. purchased by the artists Fund of the RSFSR, are in private collections in Russia, France, America, Germany, Finland.

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