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Stepanovich Anikin

Russia • 1917−1956

Native village Coach kunashakskogo district of Chelyabinsk region. Early became an orphan and a street kid, brought up in an orphanage. Finished 6 years of high school, he studied at the school of Kasli (1933-1935) in the specialty Turner. Have shown exceptional ability for art, he attended art classes N. N. Gorsky when KCLS (1935-1936). He studied at the factory KLVK (1936-1937), where he also taught sculptor N. N. Gorsky. He graduated from SMHL when KCLS (1937-1940), where drawing and modeling were the sculptors A. M. Ozersky and N. N. Gorsky. Worked as a foreman at KCLS (1939-1940) and sculptor in artel "Revival" in Chelyabinsk (1941). After returning to Kasli was a weigher, a commandant in the housing Department CCLS (1942). Wrote copy reproductions of paintings by old masters, baguette framing their own making. After recovery KCLS the production of artistic casting appointed sculptor (1944). Worked as a main sculptor CCLS (1944-1956) and the Deputy head of the Department of casting CCLS (1949-1950). Executed the plaster model for a snap-in grinder (1945). Introduced production method of operation in precise the office using the drill (1945). Was the initiator and organizer of the development and implementation of new technologies for the production of artistic casting in molds (1953-1956), developed drawings for mechanical equipment, molding, artistic molding, introduced the technology of processing of the castings by sandblasting. Taught the history of sculpture and she taught modeling in reactor No. 18 (1944-1946), organized urban youth art, where he taught the basics of drawing and sculpting (1945-1947). Created a number of models for Kasli art casting: busts "the Portrait of A. M. Gorky" (1939) and "Portrait of Stalin" (1944); the bas-relief "Portrait of V. I. Lenin" (1953); inkstand "Partisans behind enemy lines" (1945); the sculptural group of "Tank Desant" (1944), "the anthem of the Soviet Union" (1944), "the Skill of the Immortals" (1946), "a World to win" (1956); sculpture "beet growers" (1939), "The dawn of plenty" (1949), "Jawaharlal Nehru" (1956), etc.

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