Ivanovich Prosvirnin

Russia • 1923−2003

Biography and information

Born in the city of Kasli. The participant of the great Patriotic war, has war decorations. He attended art classes P. S. Anikina (1945-1947), where he studied the basics of drawing and sculpting. Worked as a modeller at the Chelyabinsk road-building trust; designed the stations Kropachevo, Berdyaush and Kamensk-Uralsky. He worked as a master of artistic casting in CCLS and KMZ (1952-1961, 1970-1983). The sculptor of the 2nd category (1977). Teacher of drawing, painting and work in kaslinskiy secondary school № 27 (1962-1969). The head of the art Studio in the club "Young technician" (between 1970 and 1985). Participant of exhibitions (since 1971). Created about 20 models Kasli casting.