Mikhailovich Pryakhin

Russia • born in 1932

Born in the city of Kasli. He graduated from GPTU No. 18 (1950), has received a speciality of the mechanic-chaser art of casting. Studied at Kaslinsky branch chpt, leaving for distribution on virgin soil. When he returned, he worked as a Turner at Kaslinsky factory, master in GPTU number 18, a patternmaker in the technological Department of the chief sculptor and engraver KMZ models artistic casting. Creative work since 1985 author of the statuettes: "Playing horse" (1986, big and small size), "Stallion" (1987), "Sivka-burka" (1987), "the humpbacked Horse" (1987), "Horses in a meadow" (1988), "First Cavalry Bugler" (1989), "funnel" (1989), sculptural group "the Duel" (1990) et al. have Performed a small copy of the famous sculpture Giovanni da Bologna "mercury" and Andrea Falcone "fortune" (1993), statues by P. K. Klodt "Horse blanket" (1995). Participant of exhibitions (from 1987).

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