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Ivanovich Taezhny (Chishuiin)

Russia • 1887−1952

Biography and information

Born in Ekaterinburg, and studied there at the art and industrial school with a close friend, sculptor Ivan Shadr. After moving to Moscow, he took a miniature Faberge jewelry workshop where he worked until the 1917 revolution. Soon after the revolution taiga decides to take the family to the Altai, away from military actions, political passions and hunger. After several years spent in those places, he returned to Moscow and took the pseudonym "taiga". In Soviet times, Peter taiga has created numerous bas-reliefs, including Stalin, writers, Gorky, Pushkin, Flaubert. Many of them were used for book covers. Taiga - one of the authors of the first sketch of the order of Lenin, and is also known for its widely publicized at the time to work, "Lenin on his deathbed." Made in metal, with gold, the work - a fine example of Soviet propaganda art 1920-ies.

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