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Vasilyevich Chirkin

Russia • 1930−1989

Born in the city of Kasli. Worked as an apprentice molder at KCLS (1944-1946) and learned the basics of the profession in the urban art Studio under the guidance of the chief sculptor of the plant P. S. Anikin and oldest master engraver M. O. Glukhov. He studied at the preparatory school at the Academy of arts of sculptor M. P. archaeology (Leningrad, 1949). He graduated from the Nizhny Tagil UUPI (1952) and the preparatory school of IL in Leningrad (1953). He studied sculpture at the V. I. Kitay-Gorod. Engaged in creative activities (1947), worked in easel sculpture and sculpture of small forms, a talented draughtsman and painter. Participant of exhibitions (from 1953). Many of his works were reproduced in Kasli iron casting: portrait busts "by P. P. Bazhov" (1953), "Gorky", "N.. Nekrasov", "D. N. Mamin-Siberian" (all 1972), "T. Shevchenko" (1973), "Lermontov" (1983); podcast "Mistress of Copper mountain" (1957), figurines "Hunter" (1957), "Hunter with dog" (1973), "the Mistress of Copper mountain" (1974), "the Return" (1975), "For the Motherland!" (1975), "Young hockey player" (1976), "puss in boots" (1977); the sculptural group "E. Petushkova Rider" (1974), "don Quixote and Sancho Panza" (1978), and others. a Member of the artists Union of the USSR since 1965, Mr.. Worked in the Chelyabinsk branch of the CP of the USSR (until 1970). Leading sculptor KMZ (1970-1989). He was elected a member of the factory and the regional arts councils. About 25 years actively working in the public Council KMHL. Awarded the medal "Veteran of labour", a number of diplomas and certificates of appreciation.

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