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Pavlovich Panfilov

Russia • 1843−1876

Biography and information

He was born in 1843 in Serpukhov, died 16 October 1876 in Rome. Fifteen he entered the Moscow School of painting and sculpture, where sculpted for a given program the statue: "the Torment of St. Sebastian" in 1866, received a small silver, and the following year a statue of "Boy with dog" — a large silver medal. In 1868 he moved the Imperial Academy of Arts, where in the following year for the execution of the program "Genius of art" received a small gold medal, and in 1871 for the program "the Olympic games discus throwers", — a gold medal with the right to travel abroad at government expense. Abroad Panfilov lived for six years. After seeing the first art collections in Berlin, Vienna, Venice, and Florence, in the autumn of 1872, settled in Rome and executed there from a marble statue of life-size "Girl playing with a goat"; the statue in 1876, was purchased for two thousand rubles by the Emperor Alexander II; he then fashioned a statue of the "Boy-Neapolitan", the sketch of the statue "of the Child, listening to the clock" and wrote also a statue of "Gladiator at the Coliseum". Moreover, Panfilov fashioned from nature a few busts, sketches and sketches for the proposed works. Galloping consumption stopped its activities in the beginning, and he died before he could even fully finish his education. (Proceedings of the Moscow Art Society No. 95, 159 and 168)

He was buried in Rome 16/28.10.1876

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