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Ukraine • born in 1970

Born in Odessa (Ukraine). Graduated children's art school, art school. Grekova. Participated in art exhibitions in Odessa. Twice took first place in the city art contests. Currently lives and works in Holland. Pictures of Lisa Bar are in private and corporate collections in many countries of Europe.

Works in the technique of easel painting and graphics. The master of surrealism. This genre, in its opinion, best contributes to the disclosure and transfer feelings of the artist. Pictures of Lisa's Bar is a window into the world of fantasy.

Personal exhibitions:

1996 – exposition in Kennemer theater, Beverwijk, Holland

1997 – exposition in circus, Heemskerk, Holland

1998 – exposition in Kennemer theater, Beverwijk, Holland

1999 – exposition Juliana Kerk Plein

2000 – exposition spektrum, Heemskerk

2003 – brush and paint, “Ezels en Kwasten”

2004 – brush and paint, “Ezels en Kwasten”

2006 – exposition, art gallery “Kennemerkunst”, Beverwijk, Holland

2006 – uitnodiging biennale in Florence, Italy

2007 – brush and paint, “Ezels en Kwasten”

2007 – kunst beurzen, Holland

2007 – exposition Kennemer kunst, Woerden, Holland

2007 – exposition art gallery “Emilie”, Brille, Holland

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