Aleksandrovich Pastukhov

Russia • born in 1940

Thesis in the CVC - "Overcome!", rating - good. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter, teacher.

(R. 9.10.1940, Chelyabinsk), painter, member. CX USSR (1980). He graduated from the Tashkent fine arts. Uch-school them. After P. P. Benkov (1968), Leningrad. Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin (1976). Was a student of V. M. Oreshnikov, B. S. Ugarov, A. A. Debler. He was elected corresponding member. and performance. of the Board of COSH, member. zones. exhibition Committee, member. Commission artists ' Union of Russia on the ideological and aesthetic. education of children and youth. Having osnovin. profes. training, P. does not limit itself to the genre. Preference for GE. picture. In Proceedings Of All-Union. the exhibition “Always on the alert”, Moscow (1977) exhibited the painting “Rural district” (1977). At the exhibitions, dedicated. the victory over fascism during the great Patriotic war. Otech. the war showed “the Outskirts of Leningrad. 1942” (1991) and “new position” (1987). Mn. went in the 70-80s was in the Baltic States, Bulgaria, at the Bratsk hydropower plant. The experience of staying in Dagestan formed the basis of the MFR. “Evening in the village” (1973), “the Field of Dagestan” (1973), “Untsukul” (1973), and others; in Koktebel and its surroundings – approx. 60 works (paintings, sketches, Fig.). In many. proizv. the artist managed to convey the peculiar flavour of the Crimean landscape: “southern night” (1987), “Wonderland. Koktebel” (1984), “Sunset in Koktebel” (1984) and others Worked in the shops of the industrial giants – CTZ and CMI, in the region of oil producers (Urengoy and Moscow), on the highway BAM, zhivotnovod. complexes in People. region, on the seed and in the busy season at the farm. Created paintings were shown at exhibitions “my Village is South Ural”. A patriot of his land, P. at all times of the year writes the Urals. landscape: “Beginning of spring” (1979), “the lake” (1983), “the Last snow” (1978), “Summer day” (1988), “Tower Kesene” (2000) and others exhibitions: . (1976), resp., proceedings of all-Union. Persons. P. exhibitions were held in 1990 and 1995 in Miass. The artist's works acquired in the Museum's collection to them. VI Surikov in Krasnoyarsk, as well as maps. Gal. Magnitogorsk and People., are the property of the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of interior of Russia, are in the private collections of People., Germany, USA, Vietnam, Israel, Italy.

O. A. Kuzaev

Lit.: Kudzaev O. Theme – weekdays labor // HF. 1980. 5 Dec.; Buy Good L. seedlings // CHR. 1981. 23 APR.; Gorbunova I. Feeling the time pulse // ibid. 1987. 6 Oct.; Kazakova G. journey to the Crimea. 1989. March 1; Sevostyanov, O. color Purity. 2000. 10 Oct.

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