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Fedorovich Surin

Russia • 1925−1993

(19.12.1925, Sverdlovsk – 28.03.1993, Chelyabinsk), painter, muralist, member. CX USSR (1962), participant Led. Otech. war. In 1950 he graduated from the Sverdlovsk arts. Uch-school in Moscow in 1956. state of the arts. in-t im. V. I. Surikov (teachers: V. G. Tsyplakov, p. P. Sokolov-Skal, M. N. Aleksić). Ed. proizv. easel painting: “blast furnace I. A. Piatigorsky” (1958), “Danko” (1967), “With the Duma of the Motherland (hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Smirnov)” (1967), “the Muse of Boris Ruchyev” (1974), “the woods” (1984), “fair in the verkhneural'sk in the mid-19th century” (1986), “Spring” (1987), etc., DOS. proizv. monument. painting: “Into space” (mosaic, polished cement, 1961), “the Soviets – the power of the people” (mosaic of stone, the city Council building in Satka, 1969), “Poetry revolution” (building GPTU-10 in Person., 1976). C. party mn. . (1956), zones. exhibition “Ural socialist” and “Ural” (Perm, 1967; Pers., 1969; Tyumen, 1979-80; Sverdlovsk, 1985; Barrow, 1991). On mn. exhibitions resp. and the all-Union. the level of exhibited works S.: “In space” (proceedings of all-Union. of arts. the exhibition, dedicated. 22nd Congress of the CPSU, Moscow, 1961); “Portrait of a tractor driver I. F. Zhigaleva”, “Bread” (“Artists of the Urals, Siberia, Far East”, Moscow, 1971); “the Groom M. G. Valeev,” “From the Soviet information Bureau. 1941”, “portrait of a teacher N. N. Peregontseva” (Exhibition production. people artists in Voroshilovgrad, 1982); prod. from the series “Pereslavl-Zalessky” (“monuments of the Fatherland”, Moscow, 1986-87); “August sun”, “the Chilean dawn,” “the Beginning of summer. The river Satka” etc. (“Artists of Chelyabinsk”, Moscow, 1989). Work with represented in the collections of arts. Museum of Vladimir, Omsk Museum will depict. art, Verhneural. ethnographical. Museum of Cossack life, MMK Museum; magnitogorskii cards. Gal. and COKG. C. elected representat. and a member of. Board Person. region. org-tion of the Union of artists of Russia,a delegate to the 3rd and 4th congresses of artists of the USSR, DEP. Person. city Council (1971-74). Awarded the medal “For Victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945” and others.

O. A. Kuzaev

Vol.: Creative report South Ural artists // of the Czech Republic. 1967. 9 Aug.; In the paintings – village life // CR. 1982. 14 Nov.

Lit.: Pawlowski B. there is a lot to // the Artist. 1964. No. 4; The Buy-In, L. P. The Artists Of Chelyabinsk. H, 1979; Gusev V. His characters are the people of the earth // HF. 1985. 5 APR.; Solovyev V. Transparency clean springs // CHR. 1988. 29 may; Chemodanov K. memories of each // of the Czech Republic. 1993. 25 Aug.

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