Vladimirovich Fokine

Russia • born in 1940

(R. 18.06.1940, Krasnoyarsk), painter-muralist, ed. monument. murals, paintings, figure, prints, watercolors, member. CX USSR (1975). From a family of offspring. intellectuals. His great-grandfather, the ballet dancer and choreographer Mikhail Fokine (1880 – 1942). From Krasnoyarsk family pereehala Perm, where from 1954 F. engaged in the art Studio of Palace of pioneers in Motovilikha (Y. D. Mikhailenko). Crucial in the development of the artist had his education in the Sverdlovsk arts. Uch-school (1957-62), especially in the years there are teachers of G. S. S. Mosin and M. Brusilovsky, having had a profound influence on the formation of a new creative. generation in the Urals. and otech. art. Doing the art. creativity from 1962, he continued his studies in Leningrad. the highest of arts.-prom. Uch-school them. V. M. Mukhina (1965-70). In Leningrad decided graphic. style hood., and in Person. (in the homeland of his wife – L. N. Kostina, muralist) FM developed as a painter of murals (1975), the easel (1977).A brilliant representative of the generation of artists-seventies, entered into polemics with the “absolute” realism and adresovana the creativity of the Woo. This influenced the creative. Wednesday, the undoubted leader of a swarm in Person. in the 70-ies. was F. In his work strives to continue the tradition of the classical. otech. and Zaruba. art ranging from Renaissance and ancient Rus. iconography and including the 20th century, the Apogee of creativity of F. are paintings “the Execution of Stepan Razin” (1977-81), “the Pretender driven” (1987), “Baby” (1982), “Painter and painting” (1981). Major events in Sov. period art of the 20th century in the monument. painting became the painting “Joy of life” in the restaurant “Ural dumplings” in Person. (3,5Ѕ36 m now not existing) and “Prometheus” – painting the ceiling of maturing. hall theatre CHTZ. F. only carried out 67 paintings. Varied field worker-STI artist: figure, prints, watercolors, paintings, landscapes, portraits, murals. A major event in the arts. city life was 1st person. exhibition F. in 1995 in Person. art gallery. 1966 participant in various arts. exhibitions. Proizv. F. are COKG, Magnitogorsk cards. Gal., in private Coll. abroad. The artist has a good command of the word, his performances in front of an audience and press publications dedicated to Prof. Adv. art and fine arts. life of the city.

G. S. Trifonova

Vol.: Overcoming passive vision // HF. 1980. 19 Oct.; Islands of creativity in the patina of life // Autograph. Chelyabinsk Art. 2001. No. 1.

Lit.: Semenov V. S. the Joy of life – the joy of creativity // HF. 1979. 18 may; Portnova T. Fokin Fokin draws // the Council. ballet. 1991. No. 3; Koretsky, A. K., Fokin: “the True artist can only be in Russia” // Voice (H). 1992. 18-25 Dec.; Konstantin Fokin: Painting. Graphics: Cat. CA. / Sost.: G. S. Trifonova, K. V. Fokin H, 1995; L u K I n am. Your temple // Action (H). 1995. On Nov 17.

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