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Lavrentyevich Yakivets

Russia • born in 1949

Biography and information

(R. 24.04.1949, S. New Zagorje, Moscow region.), painter, member. CX USSR (1981). In 1973 he graduated from Moscow. of arts.-prom. Uch-school them. M. I. Kalinin, studied at F. D. Ermakova, S. I. Dozorov. Party. exhibitions (since 1973), zones. exhibitions in Tyumen (1979, 1980), Sverdlovsk (1985), Barrow (1991). In 1989, a picture of Ya “still life with a blowtorch”, “still life with palette”, “still life with a mountain ash” was exhibited at the exhibition “Artists of Chelyabinsk” in Moscow. In 1966 and 1996 the people. exhibition Ya in Person. In the work gives preference to the genre of still life. Early work “still life with coffee”, “still life with chess”, etc. have features of the conceptual. Works are characterized by metaphorical, revealing the hidden relationships of objects to each other and with the environment. Ya looking for the expressiveness of the object and environment in the most picturesque structure, the space and the objects in his still lifes form a single scenic environment (“Predator”, “still life with glass”, “Silhouettes”). In the 1990s, created abstract compositions (“Aggression”, “memory Lock”, “Blue cross”, “Forbidden zone”), in which the idea is realized by means of “pure” painting: line, spot, color, texture. In many. the works of the connection with objective reality is not lost, the elements are stored pictorialism (“Nu”, “White ship”, “Arctic”). Proizv. J. presented in the Magnitogorsk picture gallery (“still life drawing”, “White horses”); the Ufa Museum of modern. art (“Airport”, “Customs”); COKH (“still life with jug”, “Landscape with moon”, “Golden autumn. City”, “Predator”). He was elected corresponding member. of the Board of CASH.

L. A. Sabelfeld

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