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Leonidovich Cherkashin

Russia • born in 1944

Biography and information

(R. 27.01.1944, Chelyabinsk), painter, muralist and Illustrator, designer, graphic. Member. Of the USSR Union since 1977. In SHK. studied at the teacher I. I. Arkhiptseva in the art Studio of Palace of pioneers and schoolchildren them. N. K. Krupskaya. In 1966 he graduated from the Sverdlovsk arts. Uch-school in 1971, Leningrad. of arts.-prom. Uch-school them. V. I. Mukhina. Studied with Professor Y. N. Lukin. Since 1972 he has carried out a number of the monument. the paintings in Person. and the people in the puppet theatre, people DC branch of the society of the blind (chimes) in the morning People. the distillery of the factory building, the fire protection People. of the Executive Committee, etc. Together. A. P. Kudryavtsev vypolnyaetsya social objects ZMZ, the project of the iconostasis and utensils for the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Kopeisk (1993). Participated in the design and creation of the Boulevard of Fame, GEOL. Museum and garden (Museum of Geology and Mineralogy) in Person. Sovm. with N. E. Cherkashina created tapestries: “Sports” (1976), “the City” (1979), “Remember those who are steeped in a legend”, dedicated. The 50th anniversary of CHTZ (1983). Ed. number of manuf. easel painting in the genre of portraiture; a series of picturesque and graphic. works, dedicated. A. S. Pushkin, based on ancient Greek. myths about the gospel stories. H is an active participant in the cult. the life of the People., worker-STI, COSH Russia. In the 1970s he headed the office of the Association of young artists at JOSH, was engaged in organization of exhibitions, creative. workshops for young artists, etc. were Elected representat. and a member of. of the Board of COSH, delegate of the 5th Congress of artists of the RSFSR, corresponding member. of the Board and of the Presidium of the People. branch of all-Russia. culture Fund.Proizv. H is represented in the collection of CACG, including: “Portrait of Felix Dzerzhinsky” (1977), “Portrait of father” (1977), “Portrait in blue” (1982), tapestries; and in the collection of the Magnitogorsk cards. Gal., in private collections in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Tallinn, Chel., Zaruba. countries (England, Israel).

G. S. Trifonova

Lit.: Yanbukhtina A. Decorative arts of the Urals // the Soviet decorative. art. M., 1978; Kramarenko L. Poetic language of creation. works// the Artist. 1981. No. 5; T. Strizhenova Tapestries: “Soviet Russia – 6” // Decorative arts of the USSR. 1981. No. 3; Sabelfeld L. Chelyabinsk tapestries // Ural. 1987. No. 7; Rubinsky N. A labyrinth for the artist // Autograph. Chelyabinsk Art. 2001. No. 1.

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