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Nikolayevich Vasilyev

Russia • born in 1949

Biography and information

In 1949. born in the village of "Lime" Jewish Autonomous region. In 1961. he graduated from art school at the House of Pioneers Zhdanov district of Leningrad . In 1972 he graduated from Leningrad higher art-industrial school im. Mukhina, Department of design. In 1972. moved to the city of Novgorod. In 1992. joined the Union of artists of Russia. Solo exhibitions: 1982-exhibition in the room of the Drama Theatre of the city of Novgorod; 1995-exhibition at the Novgorod State United Museum - reserve; 2000-exhibition in DK. Bitter, Borovichi; 2001 -exhibition in IHT Veliky Novgorod. Group exhibitions: 1973-1999 party city and regional exhibitions of professional artists; 1994-2001-member 18 exhibitions organized by the regional Center of artistic creativity of the Novgorod region; 2002 -Regional exhibition NACHR in the Novgorod State Museum-reserve. 12 works of the artist are in the State Novgorod United Museum-reserve . 2 his works are in the Fund of the Zonal Exhibitions "the Soviet North". The artist's works are in private collections : Russia, USA, Germany, France, Australia, England.

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