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Viktorovna Dzyuba

Russia • born in 1948

Biography and information

In 1948. born in Lutsk. In 1960. moved to the city of Novgorod. In 1976. graduated from the Leningrad state pedagogical Institute.Herzen, art-graphic faculty. 1990. member of the Union of artists of Russia. Works in the technique of tapestry and batik. In 1997. awarded the medal of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, as the winner of creative competition of women-artists of Russia "Spring salon" work "Troitsky excavation" (triptych tapestry) In 1998 was awarded the Diploma of the organization "National art crafts of Russia" for the triptych "Russian field" In 1999. awarded a diploma of the Academy of arts for the tapestry "Three girls..." Personal exhibitions: 1994 -the Regional Center of artistic creativity, of Novgorod; 1995-House of folk art, Sol'tsy, Novgorod region; 1996-School for disabled children "Tsvetik-samozveti", Novgorod; 1997 -Art gallery, the city of Chudovo, the Novgorod region, the Exhibition hall of the Union of women of Russia, Moscow, Russia; 1998 -Exhibition hall of the Moscow Fund of culture, Moscow, Fund of national art crafts of the Russian Federation, Moscow, House of folk art, Valdai; 1999-House of culture.Bitter, Borovichi, the Regional Center of artistic creativity, the city of Novgorod. Zonal exhibitions: 1989 -"Soviet North", Murmansk, Russia; 1990 -Republican exhibition dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the Victory in Moscow; 1997-Artists of Russia for the 850th anniversary of Moscow, Moscow; 1998-Russian North-98, Moscow; 1998 - Russia Moscow.; 2000 - thy Name ,dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of Christianity.g.Moscow. Group exhibitions: 1980-constant participant of regional art exhibitions; 1989 -exhibition dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Slavonic writing, of Novgorod; 1989 -?Folk applied arts?, Leningrad; 1994-exhibition on Russian television, Moscow; 1994-1999 -the Regional Center of artistic creativity, of Novgorod; 1995-the Tikhvin Museum-reserve, the town of Tikhvin, Leningrad region, Kirovskiy Museum-reserve, Kirovsk, Leningrad region; 1996 -Novgorod-pharmacy, Novgorod; 1997 -Spring Salon-97, Moscow; 1998-Spring salon-98, Moscow fair ?Novgorod-98?, Novgorod, the Novgorod State United Museum-reserve, Novgorod. 1999 -?Spring salon-99?, Moscow; 2000 -?The cities Alliance?, Center for artistic creativity, V. Novgorod, Russia; 2000 - Autumn exhibition of the Novgorod organisation of the Union of artists of Russia . ( IHT) Veliky Novgorod. Overseas exhibitions: 1992-G. Moos. Norway; 1994-Personal exhibition, Norway; 1995 -?Slavic Bazaar?, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus; 1996 -?Latitude?, the city of pärnu, Tartu, Kuressaare, Estonia, Russian cultural Center, Tallinn, Estonia; 1997 -?Latitude?, the city of Kuressaare, Estonia; 1997 -Cologne,Brussels,Paris with T. O. ? Irida?; 1998 -Exhibitions In Germany, France, Belgium. Works are in the State Novgorod United Museum-reserve, Novgorod and in our Museum. The artist's works are in private collections of Russia,Estonia, Italy, USA, Norway, England, Germany.

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