Sergeevich Shcherbakov

Russia • 1923−1993

Biography and information

He was born in 1923. in the Kaluga region of Lev-Tolstoy district in the village Lupinine Yards a Participant in the war of 1941-1945. In 1954. awarded a diploma of I degree for landscape "nature's First green" at the Republican exhibition. 1971. -member of Union of artists of Russia Group exhibitions: Since 1952. in 1981. -participant of Republican and all-Union exhibitions, 1994-2000 -exhibition in Center of art, Novgorod, 1997-exhibition of works by Novgorod artists in the Department of internal Affairs of the Novgorod region, Novgorod, 1999-exhibition of works by Novgorod artists from the collections of p. SAT in moshenskoye, Novgorod region, 2000 ?Painting?, the exhibition, timed to the opening 11 of the festival of arts..To.Lyadova in Borovichi. Member of international art exhibitions in Austria, England, Hungary, Holland, Japan Works are in private collections and museums of Russia, England, Austria, Hungary, Holland, Japan.