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Ivanovich Pilchshchikov

Russia • born in 1914

Biography and information

The other source birthday: 1912-12-25

Born in 1914 in the province of Penza. In 1939 he graduated from the preparatory classes at the Russian Academy of arts. He studied in the first course of the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture, architecture. Drafted into the Red Army in the first days of the war. Fought on the Leningrad front. A combat pilot. Senior Lieutenant. Paintings, landscapes, portraits, and posters of Nicholas Pilarikova dedicated to the life of the air fleet of the country, its wonderful people. During the great Patriotic war N. And.Politikov, a military pilot, has made dozens of sorties. Already on the seventh day of the war in collaboration with the artist A. I. Laktionov has released the first poster: "Beat fascist pirates presumptuous", and "Fascism - the bloody monster, beat him without mercy". Awarded order of the red star, medals "For defense of Leningrad", "For Victory over Germany", the jubilee.

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