Aleksandrovich Lviv

Russia • 1751−1804

Biography and information

(1751 - 1803/04), architect, theorist of architecture, graphic, poet, musician, inventor, member. ROS. Academy (1783).. member. Peterb. Of arts (1786). B. in the estate of Nikolskoye-Serenity (observing, Lvov family), to examine yourself. L. is a bright representative of classicism in his buildings dominated by a clear geometric. shapes (cube,cylinder, pyramid), decorated laconic. decor. So. part of the construction of L. Terry. former. Novotorzhskaya County: Borisoglebsky Cathedral and the gate of TS.The Borisoglebsky monastery, societies. well etc. in Torzhok, manor complexes Znamenskoye-Rayok, Nikol-Serenity, TS.Of our lady of Kazan with the bell tower in the village Arpachai (1783-91), Mitino-Wasilewski manor complex, stylistically linked with his name the construction of the estates, Georgians, etc. Pryamukhino L. - one of the founders of the landscape style in Russian. century,developed and widely put into practice str-VA fire-resistant material (rammed-earth buildings, bridges and utility. structure made of boulders). In lit. the work of L. shows the influence of sentimentalism and early romanticism, one of the first L. put forward the problem of nationality in the literature. L. - compiled 2-volume "collection of Russian folk songs with their voices..." (1790), in music his idea of polyphony Nar. choirs. L. discovered deposits of coal in the Valdai return., invented the "Stone Board" (roofing material such as roofing), created a system of heating and ventilation of buildings, the design of "steam cuisine", improved lime kiln, etc. L. is the author of many graphic. Fig. to the "Metamorphoses" of Ovid and the works of G. R. Derzhavin. Died in Moscow and was buried in the family usypannye in the village of Nikolskoye (see Mausoleum). Lit.: Budylin M. V., Braitseva O. I., Kharlamov A. M., Architect N..Lviv, Moscow, 1961, Baldina, O. D., From the Valdai to Staritsa, Moscow, 1968, Glumov A. N.., N..Lions, M., 1989.