Danilovna Sleptsova

Russia • born in 1942

Thesis in the CVC - "Yakut masters" rating - excellent. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter, teacher.

Chairman of a cycle Commission on the composition of the Department "Painting", excellent worker of the USSR Ministry of culture, teacher-methodologist, honored art worker of the Republic of Sakha(Yakutia) and the Russian Federation.

A member of the artists Union of the USSR since 1977, the author of the state flag of the Republic of Sakha(Yakutia), a delegate of the IX, X congresses of women Sakha(Yakutia). The first female professional artist-the painter of the Sakha people. He graduated from the painting faculty of the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin in Leningrad (Studio of I. A. Silver). The basics of drawing in the elementary grades was taught by Polycarp Vasilyevich Nojarov in the village of Amga, is the first graduate of the Yakutsk art school. In the years of study at the College freshman was elected Chairman of the local Committee, 3, 4 courses — Komsomol Secretary.

Since 1972 working as a teacher of special disciplines at the school. The same year A. S. Alexandrov and I answered at the school for the drawing, the Chairman of the cyclic Commission on special subjects were Z. I. Ivanova. Then, in 1974, the Chairman of the cyclic Commission in drawing, painting, composition was the author of these lines. Since 1982, a Commission shared separately on drawing, painting, composition, and methodological work. A year went during the winter holidays at the scientific-methodical conference with exhibitions in Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk. And in 1983 was his final exhibition of our school, which was a great success — YAHOO was recognized as one of the top five art schools in Russia in all respects. As a result, our library became the owner of a large number of albums and books about artists.

(article by A. D. Sleptsova "is Recognized as one of the best in Russia...")

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