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Innokentievich Votyakov

Russia • 1944−1980

Biography and information

Graduated from the Yakut art College. From 1965 to 1970 he studied at Moscow higher school of industrial art (Stroganov) at the Department of industrial graphics at B. N. Simakova. In 1973 he returned to Yakutia.


G. G. Neustroeva. Yuri Votyakov. Series "Masters Of Sakha-Art". // The album. — Yakutsk, 2000

He graduated from the Moscow higher. art-industrial Uch-school (ex. Stroganov). Participant of exhibitions: resp. artists of the Yakut ASSR, "Font and ornament of Moscow book artists" (Moscow, 1972), region. "Soviet far East" (Vladivostok, 1974; Chita, 1980), "Yakut graphics" (Riga, 1975), "Graphics of Yakutia" (Leningrad, 1977), resp. "The graphics of the Russian Federation" (Moscow, 1978), "Soviet Russia" (Moscow, 1975), "the youth of the country" (Moscow, 1976), prod. artists ed. Rep., reg. and NAT. districts of the RSFSR (Moscow, 1989). The – in NAT. hood. the Museum REP. Of Sakha (Yakutia).

(Source: encyclopedia)

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