Alexandrovich Osinkin

Biography and information

Born in Sarapul UASSR. In 1964. He graduated from art-graphic faculty of NTPI. Work experience in the education system for 37 years, in this team since 1970. Graphic artist. Graphic works and books are stored in museums and libraries of the city of Sarapul, kambarki, UHAHA, S. Tarasovo, SD. The teaching of the disciplines "drawing" and "Plastic anatomy" for specialties "Architecture", "Design", "MDI", "PDI", "YUI" on the I-IV courses. The author of methodological developments "drawing pen" (1972), "the Technique of writing fonts" (1976) and co-author of three manuals. Participant of regional and University exhibitions. Two solo exhibitions at the Department of drawing - in 1987 and 1997 Monumental and decorative design of interiors and visual propaganda Museum for "Sverdlovsk", the pioneer camp of Academy of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, secondary school # 147, IMTS/AMD. Design and illustration of 4 books in the publishing house "Bank of cultural information".The author and artist of the book “the Village of Tarasovo” (1995).

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