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Matveyevich Ivanov

Russia • 1749−1821

Academician of sculpture. The son of a soldier of the Semenovsky regiment, he was admitted to the Academy of Arts on the application on August 3, 1762, together with his younger brother Michael and two silver medals for drawings (3 January 1766 and may 11, 1769), executed a bas-relief "Baptism of Grand Duchess Olga in Constantinople" in the form of programs for a gold medal, which was received on 30 July 1770, together with a certificate for the title of the artist and the right to pensionerstvo overseas. Sent to foreign lands for 6 years, he arrived in Paris on 7 October of the same year and, by definition, the local Academy, was admitted to the famous Professor Page. Last recommended our sketch artist to draw and sculpt with paintings and prints of the famous masters to study the composition and draperies, from the models set by the professors at the Royal Academy, and then make busts and figures from nature. But Ivanov soon became very ill with rheumatism, proporal for a year and recovered only in Rome, where he went 19 June 1773, he again began drawing and lalanie with antique sculptures and from life in the Capitol of the Academy, and on November 23 asked our Academy to expel him from his program on the gold medal for her performance from marble to familiarize yourself with the techniques of this skill, and August 26, 1774 embarked on this work. It was the first piece of marble, executed by Russian artist, and the only extant original work of Ivanov, completed in 1775 they Erected 17 October 1776 in the title of "appointed" for made in Paris in 1772 a copy in plaster from the statue Page "Pluto", he was promoted to academics (7 October 1777) for the allegorical figure of alabaster "City of Petersburg, triumphant victory"; until that time, he made two more bas-relief in Rome: "Time holding a medal with the image of Catherine II, and History recording the memorable deeds by her, seated on clouds and surrounded by geniuses, depicting the various arts, with the trumpeting glory" and "the Genius of art, holding the monogram of his patron and admiring them" (1774). Returning to St. Petersburg (6 July 1776) and not seeing the great success of his works in the society, Ivanov left the art field and decided by the translator in the Collegium of foreign Affairs (1778), in the Asian Department, where he rose to the rank of state Councilor. A monument to his activities during service, the Board remains published translation of an Italian book "the Concept of a modern painter" (St. Petersburg, 1789). (Cumans)

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