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Dugarovich Budaev

Russia • 1886−1937

Born: S. Suduntuy TRANS-Baikal region. Lama Agin datsan, where he started with 11 years as a novice. 1904 in Urga was trained by Tibetan painters. During the construction of the Buddhist temple in St. Petersburg (1910-13) participated in the painting and decoration of the altar. In 1915, drafted into the army, where he served until the end of the war. Back in Aginskiy datsan. In 1928 participated in the youth exhibition in Chita with pictures on everyday topics and icons. In 1930-37 artist Buddhist temple (Leningrad). Arrested 22.2.1937 shot. Rehabilitated in 1959. His works (icons, graphics) are kept in the Museum of history of religion (Saint-Petersburg), in Ulan-Ude art Museum. C. Sampilov, the history Museum of Buryatia, CHARM, Aginsk datsan, individuals.

(Manakova E. G.)

Lit.: Cubiccurve S. D. Osor Buda — master of the Petrograd Buddhist temple // Orient. — Vol. 1: Buddhism and Russia, 1992; Alperin M. I. "Buddhist magic" etc. / / Zab. worker. — 1997. — June 21; Boronoev T. A. Schedule of Buryatia. — Ulan-Ude, 1997.

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