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Zinovievich Kashchenko

Russia • 1782−1808

a talented sculptor, retired I. A. X. (award., but not sent abroad at the end of the course 1803), worked for the Kazan Cathedral.He died January 24, 1808 (suicide). (Cumans)

A graduate of the Academy of Arts from 1788 to 1803, he Received medals: in 1801 - 2 silver; in 1802, 1 silver and 2 gold for the program: "Jupiter and mercury visiting in the form of pilgrims Philemon and Beskidu". In 1803 he received the diploma of 1 degree with the sword; in 1805, 1 gold medal for the program: "the Great Prince Dmitry Donskoy, the obsession of victory over Mamai, the remaining Russian princes and other soldiers find in the grove at almost the last gasp". In 1806, sent to the pensioner abroad. (Kondakov)

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