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Dmitrievich Osipov

Russia • born in 1934

George D. Osipov was born in 1934 in the town of Nizhnyaya Tura, Sverdlovsk region. Shortly before the beginning of the great Patriotic War, his family moved to Moore, where he graduated from high school. N. Gastello.

During the war he was enrolled a pupil of the 108th reserve infantry regiment, artist of ensemble, taught music, drawing. George D. was in the group of Moscow artists-circus, became an acrobat. The regimental ensemble, they performed in hospitals, to soldiers who were sent to the front.

After the war, George D. was admitted in the Mstera art school, where his teacher and friend was Vladimir Y. Yukin. The school together with George Osipov studied: Valentin Gusev, Valery Egorov, Evgeny Foreheads, Eugene and Vladimir Telegin. They passionately studied painting, but the first "five" in the class of Vladimir Yakovlevich Yukina got George Osipov.

In the army and in Kronstadt George D. served as the artist, where he became interested in gymnastics, participated in competitions, occupied prize-winning places, were even included in the Leningrad delegation to attend the world festival of youth and students in Moscow.

After demobilisation George D. returned to his native land, worked at the Vladimir tractor factory - a painter and decorator, was engaged in sports gymnastics, coached children.

In Vladimir Georges again met with V. Y. by Uchenym and engaged in painting in his art Studio. Often visits exhibitions, workshops, friends classmates. Admires the works of folk artists of his region: Kim Britova, kokurina, Valeria, Boris Frantsuzova, and of course his beloved friend and teacher, Vladimir Yukina. They inspired him, wanted to do it himself, but George complained...little time.

But... sporting achievements outweighed the craft of the artist, and Georges went to Smolensk, where he graduated from Smolensk Institute of physical culture, defended the title of master of sports in gymnastics. Next, George D. began to work as a coach in the Vladimir Gymnastics school of Olympic reserve. George was one of the mentors of Nikolay Andrianov, trained many gymnastics Champions. His students work in many countries of the world - in schools, circuses, and don't forget his mentor.

In an interview, Metropolitan journalist Vladimir Y. Yukin said that the most congenial he was and still is George Osipov, though he was not an artist and athlete.

Leaving on the charges, George D. took the sketchbook, sketchbook, sketched, sketched, sometimes he would forget about training. Their work often gave to fellow coaches, they took them away with him to Greece, England, America.

In 1959, George D. married. Together with his wife they raised two wonderful sons. Family of George Osipov and Vladimir Yukina became close friends. Wife of Alexander A.-doctor of many years observed the health of Vladimir Yakovlevich and his family. Sons loved to visit Ucinich in the country.

After retirement, George enthusiastically took up painting, which however, never forget, following the instructions of his teacher, people's artist V. Ya. Yukina and advice to fellow artists: "Let's write, you were the best among us," they said.

Living and working in the country, George D. admiring the riot of colors of autumn, glowing sunsets, Suzdal, March shadows, rapid flowering herbs in the fields. All this he reflects in his landscapes, still lifes, imbuing them with unexpected color combinations, joy, light.

The first exhibition of his work George has done on his cottage, in the village Abakumova, Suzdal district. Most of his neighbors from a creative environment: actors, Directors, artists, photographers. All were advised to paint seriously, what Georges does.

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