Nazivovich Sayfulmulyukov

Russia • born in 1965

Biography and information

Born in the town of Gus-Crystal. From 1988 to 1991 studied in the city of Kasimov in the pedagogical College at the graphic art Department. In 1996 he graduated from the correspondence Academy of fine arts in Moscow. His paintings are executed in oil painting. The themes are diverse, but dominated landscapes of Russian nature. This artist's work makes those the originality of composition, smooth lines and color harmony. Every stroke of the master breathes with vitality and spirituality, whether it be river, forest, footpath or field. His canvases sing concealed beauty of the Russian landscape, to awaken happy memories from communicating with places that are close to the person with early detstva. Intuitively hears the rustling of autumn leaves, the smell of fresh hay, birds singing, the breeze and the murmur of the spring Creek - soft music of his homeland and to pain in the heart familiar to each of us.

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