Vladimirovna Potekhina

Belarus • born in 1927

Biography and information

born in the city of Kostroma. Father is a Forester. When she was 10 years old, the family moved to the countryside, where his father worked as a Forester. The thirst for art and a dream to draw itself originated in his youth. During his school years he designed posters and drew the people around them. But the pursuit of art closely it's not soon.

Graduated from Moscow Engineering-economic Institute and worked in construction organizations. Vladimir came to distribution . Here she married a professional artist, soul lived his work. Along with him went to the House of creativity of artists who accompanied him in the campaigns to the studies.

Engaged in independent work after the death of her husband. Went to a Hot Key, visited a House of art, talked with artists. In 1989 he joined the club "Flavor," worked in the Studio under the leadership of L. D. Mikhailova. A great influence and support was provided by the artists of the club. Work N.In.Potekhina realism, made almost all from nature. And the paintings depicted landscapes of the Vladimir region, Kostroma region, Belarus, the Hot Key. Prefers landscape, but loves to write and still lifes, and portraits. Works in different techniques: oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil. Constantly participates in exhibitions of the club, in regional exhibitions in Kostroma and Vladimir. Many of the works purchased overseas art lovers.