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Stepanovich Kochetkov

Russia • born in 1928

Born in the village of Nadezhdino Gogolinski district, Tatarstan.

Vosemnadcatiletnij young man he voluntarily went to the front in the ranks of the Armed Forces was fighting way from private to Colonel. The last 18 years, he served as Deputy chief of CTC RTV defense logistics.

Mr Savchenko began to study painting since childhood. Special education has not. He not only draws, but also a wonderful wood Carver, poet, composer and performer of his own songs. In 2002 he joined the club "Flavor." Actively participates in all exhibitions of the club. In the art gallery of CTCS exhibited over 50 paintings and 15 of Handicrafts made of wood, presenting them in a gift officer's meeting part.

Evgeny Stepanovich writes in the manner of Vladimir landscape painters. On his canvases, the nature of Vladimir region, other parts of Russia.

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