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Nikolayevich Kolchanov

United States • born in 1961

Biography and information

Born in the city of Vladimir.

Since childhood, dreamed of becoming an artist and became him. As a fifth-grade student, entered children's art school, where he graduated with a comprehensive. Then he studied at the Vladimir PTU 15, visited the art Studio and working as a graphic designer, spent much time in nature, improving their skills, and painted landscapes and domestic scenes. In 1987 he joined the Vladimir city club of artists "Kolorit", became an active participant of numerous exhibitions in the city and region.

For landscapes Kolchanova characteristic color expressiveness, spaciousness, delicate play of light and shadow. From the paintings of the author breathes freshness and breath of his native land. Such are the works "Summer day", "Park", "Autumn on the Klyazma" and others. Your interest Andrey shows genre scenes, to portraiture. In this regard it should be noted the work of "Admiral Nakhimov", which depicted a famous naval commander during the period when he commanded the black sea fleet during the defensive battle for Sevastopol. The picture convinces us that the Sevastopol - native Russian city, and no tricks foreigners can not refute this truth.

From the mid 1980-ies quivers became interested in social painting and since then have given this genre a lot of attention, creating paintings with a wide coverage of our lives, raises difficult questions of scale, shows the positive side of reality, exposes its flaws. These are pictures of the "Glory to labor", "Discovery of America", "Our victory". Spectators are judged on the author's works differently, but all agree that artistically Andrey skillfully reveals the social significance of universal problems.