Ukraine • 1943−2007

Michael grew up without parents. At 15, he enrolled in a trade school Melitopol, his teacher was I. Chubich. Later enrolled in Crimean state school. Samokish. In 1987 Kolesnik had a leg amputated, so he could no longer travel. The master died in 2007.

Born may 16, 1943 in the city of Molochansk Tokmak district of Zaporozhye region. His father died in the last year of the war in königsberg. Michael was brought up in the family and grandparents. Fifteen young men came to Melitopol to study at a vocational school on a speciality "foundry". The desire to paint brought the boy in Melitopol Palace of pioneers, where he was identified as outstanding teacher Illaria A. Cubica.

In 1974 Michael A. he graduated from the Simferopol art school. Worked in the city art Fund — and it was during this period he wrote many works. "Paintings are like children often naughty, but they need to be treated, — says Mikhail Kolesnik, — if the work succeeded, she lives her life, if not, I rewrite it".

Initially, he was not to imitate anyone— and eventually he had his own inimitable style, the handwriting of an artist. In his paintings, light, joy are juxtaposed with an inner sadness and sorrow. In the works of Mikhail Kolesnik read the fate of the author — very difficult, sometimes tragic. Life had treated the artist badly he was crippled. To travel to other places (for example, in the Crimea, the nature of which have devoted a lot of watercolors) Michael could not, but were not going to surrender. Search art characters, their reproduction, thus creating paintings in which a simple form conveys deep layers of artistic content, was the meaning of his life — and the artist began to dominate the still lifes.

He perfectly draws from nature. Gorgeous bouquets of roses, sunflowers, irises, poppies as if to break the grey everydayness of life. Written boldly, with enthusiasm, they are expressive and unique. Such reviews make about the works of Mikhail Kolesnik his colleagues.

Michael A. Kolesnik is an artist by vocation, who created a truly unique system of visual techniques, subtly conveys the beauty of the world.

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