Fedorovich Markov

Russia • 1912−1981
Markov, Vladimir F. (1912-1981)
Honored art worker of the RSFSR(1972)
1912 — born in St. Petersburg
1929 — graduated from the 25th Soviet United labor school school
1929-1930 at the same time with the school studied in evening Music College Leningradprovince
1931 - Entered the architectural faculty of the Leningrad Institute of engineers of communal construction (LEICS)
1933 — moved from LIEKSA in the Institute of painting sculpture and architecture the Russian Academy of arts the faculty of architecture.
The projects and structures made during this period:
1935 - a Draft model of the pavilion for enterprises ", Lepota" /made in kind/
1936 — the Project of architectural renovation of the facades of the kindergarten in the Vyborg district of Leningrad /made in kind/
1936-1937 — about 12 objects of various projects of small architectural forms in the Park zone of Leningrad kiosks, stands, canopies, etc. /partly implemented/
1937 — the Project architectural design of the entrance to the hospital corps of the 2nd medical Institute in Leningrad /implemented/
1937 — graduated from the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture im. Repin
1939 — became a member of the Leningrad branch of Union of architects of Russia (LOSA)
1937 — appointed to the position of architect in workshop No. 3 of the trust lenproekt
The projects and structures made during this period:
1937 — the middle school Project on 6-th Soviet street in Leningrad /implemented/
1938 — the middle school Project on the 3rd line of Vasilievsky island in Leningrad, together with
architect L. L. Schreter /implemented/
1938 — the Project of improvement of residential areas new development area "Semenovka" in Leningrad /implemented/
1938 Project of interior decoration of the Bureau pre-orders for the building of Brodsky in Leningrad /performed, not preserved/
1938 — the Project of architectural renovation of the façades of nurseries of factory "Bolshevik" in Leningrad /implemented/
1938 — About 12 objects of various small architectural projects: forms, elements of improvement of development of Leningrad /partially implemented/
1939 — the Project of a residential building of flour mill in the "Semenovka", together with architect S. I. Evdokimov /implemented/
1939 — member of the Leningrad Union of architects.
1941 — the Project architectural finishes of the courtroom in the lobby of the building of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR in Alma-ATA, together with the architect P. Zinoviev /the fate of the project unknown/
1941 — drafted into the Red army for the completion of active military
1941-1945 — Fought on Karelian, and then on the 1st Ukrainian front, reached Berlin
1945-1948 — he Worked in the aviation industry Projects and structures made during this period:
1945 — the Draft plan of the camp and two-storey cottages for the city Perm /partially implemented/.
1945 — the Project of finishing couture in the village of Perm /implemented/
1946 — reconstruction of the existing building and construction of a new Institute of aircraft equipment to Moscow /partially implemented/
1946 — the building Project of the plant aviation plant in Leningrad /partially implemented/
1946 — the model Projects of landscaping and small architectural forms of the stations of the Oktyabrskaya railway /implemented/
1946 — the Project of reconstruction and internal architectural decoration of the dining room of an aircraft factory in Leningrad /implemented/
1947 - a Draft model of a decorative fountain in the aircraft factory /made in kind/
1948 — Various architectural design work for closure of the aviation industry, partially implemented
1948 — a Project of the arc structures on the border of the USSR-Finland /not implemented/
1947-1948 draft model of the station of the Oktyabrskaya railway pavilions /implemented/
1948 — the Beginning of the teaching activities at the Leningrad higher art-industrial school im.In.And.Mukhina.
Since that time involved in Leningrad, Republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions.
1952 — Awarded the title of associate Professor
1953-1981 - Head of the Department of ceramics and glass LUHLU them.In.And.Mukhina

1955-1958 — simultaneously with the management of the Department he was Deputy Director of the Institute for science and education part.
1957 — became a member of the Leningrad branch of Union of artists of the RSFSR
1959 — participated in the International exhibition in Oostende /Belgium/
1960 — awarded the medal "For labour valour"
1962 — awarded the honorary diploma of the International exhibition of ceramics in Prague for decorative damasks acquired of MK RSFSR
1965 — 1976 — Vice-Rector for educational and production work
1981 — Died in a hospital in Zelenogorsk
Member LOSS – 1939
Member of the Leningrad Union of artists – from 1957
Board member of the Leningrad Union of artists
Member Vaca
Four solo exhibitions (posthumous):
1. May-June 1982 – higher school of industrial art
2. July-August 1982 – the Leningrad Union of artists
3. Spring 1985 – the Elaginoostrovsky Palace-Museum of decorative and applied art and interior of XVIII-XX centuries. Leningrad
4. April 2012 – Museum of arts and crafts spghpa them. Stieglitz
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