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Strakhov (Braslavsky)

Ukraine • 1896−1979

Biography and information

Adolf Strakhov (Braslavsky), People's Artist of Ukraine (since 1944), was born on 18 October 1896 in Yekaterinoslav, now Dnipro  and died on 3 January 1979 in Kharkiv. He graduated from the Odesa Art School (1913—1915), where he studied under J. Mormone. Member of the Kharkiv organization of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1938, the artist was a participant of the republican, all-union and international exhibitions since 1925. His personal exhibiions were held in Kharkiv in 1955, 1976, and 1997. He worked as a teacher at the Kharkiv State Art Institute (1948—1951).

1896. The artist was born in Yekaterinoslavl (now Dnipro).
1913—1915. He studied at the Odesa Art School, in sculpture class under J. Mormone.
1918—1921. He created drawings on political subjects for the Donetsky Kommunist, Zvezda, Selyanskaya Pravda newspapers. He was engaged in decoration of holidays, making diorama posters, frieze posters. The artist worked at DonROSTA.
1921. He created a series of posters, The ABC of the Revolution.
1922. He moved to Kharkiv where he became the chief artist of the State Publishing House of Ukraine.
1922—1929. He illustrated books and continued to create social and political posters.
Since 1925, he took part in various exhibitions.
1925 He was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Paris for the V. Ulyanov (Lenin) poster, 1924.
1930—1941. He was mainly engaged in sculpture.
1941—1945. He created anti-fascist posters.
1944. He was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR.
1945—1979. He was engaged in sculpture. He is the author of the many monuments in Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine.
1979. The artist died in Kharkiv.

Gold medal at the International exhibition in Paris for the poster "B. Ulyanov (Lenin)" in 1924.

1930-1941. Deals mainly with sculpture.

1941-1945. Creates anti-fascist posters.

1944. Awarded the title "people's artist of the USSR."

1945-1979. Deals with sculpture. Author of many monuments erected in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine.

1979. He died in Kharkov.