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Petrovich Petrik


Michael Petrik was born in the village Meleseni călăraşi district, graduated from the Kishinev art College named. Repin and the Kiev state art Institute. In 1963-1979 year Mikhail Petrik, head of the State art Museum. A Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR. Participant of numerous exhibitions in Moldova and abroad.

Says art critic Constantin Ciobanu:

- Before the war Mikhail Petrik studied in Iasi, at the school, which trained teachers for secondary schools. And there is great attention was paid to the study of drawing and music. In 1946, he returned to Kishinev and continued his studies at the Repin school (now College Plamadyala). There he came to the wonderful Bessarabian teacher Ivan Hazova, which had its own system of teaching of realistic painting. But Mikhail Petrik acquired knowledge was not enough - he wanted to delve further into the study of nature and the intricacies of painting, he enrolled in the art Institute in Kiev. There he was also lucky with the teacher - they became a classic of Soviet painting of Tatiana Yablonskaya.

Upon returning the artist creates several software paintings: "Morning on the river," "Road to the woods", etc. while working on portraits. Michael Petrik loved to travel and visited Latin America many European countries, in the Crimea. And from everywhere came back with the sketches. He also had several cycles of works devoted to Chisinau. Of course, in the history of Moldavian art, the artist remained primarily as a landscape painter, but he also has a lot of interesting still lifes, and portraits.

Art Historian Polina Gridneva:

In my opinion, Michael Petrik is a special phenomenon in the Moldovan culture. I was lucky to know him as a person as Director of the National Museum of art and as a fine artist. Such a strong love for mother nature as his, now, and not seen in modern Moldavian art: Mikhail Petrik is a special gift. He literally merged with nature. And this love was mutual: the nature generously shared with him their warmth. It's some kind of mystical connection - between artist and nature, it is rare, perhaps even you can see the Japanese. Loved to write, morning, spring, autumn. Morning and spring - as a symbol of human rebirth and hope for something better. Got up early to catch the state of the foggy mornings and transfer it to the canvas. By nature he was an optimistic person, always polite and correct. These qualities are human and artistic - Mikhail Petrik combined harmoniously. His landscapes are very melodic, they are getting cozy, cheerful and bright.

(the author of the article "Love is always reciprocal" Tatiana Yoy)

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