Matveyevna Nizova-Shablykina

Russia • 1918−1993

Schedule, poster artist, painter. B. May 30, 1918, in Kharkov — the mind. May 17, 1993, ibid. Graduated from Orel art school (1934-38), studied at Kharkiv art Institute (1938), the Riga Academy of arts (1939-41) in B. Tretyakov, I. Krylova, M. Marevskogo. HO member of the CFS since 1954. Participant in Republican and all-Union exhibitions since 1947. Personal exhibitions: Kharkiv - 1957,1979,1989; Sumy - 1982; Nikolaev 1983; Krasnograd (Kharkiv. region) -1985.

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