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Anatolyevna Machneva

Russia • born in 1947

Machneva (Egorov), Illaria A.
Artist of decorative and applied art, member of artists Union since 1980.
She was born 26 Aug 1947 in Kungur, Perm region.
In 1973 he graduated from Leningrad higher art-industrial
school. V. I. Mukhina.
1973-1976 he worked as an artist at the Saratov factory "Tekhsteklo" .
1977-1994 he was an artist at the Dyatkovo crystal plant.
Part in exhibitions since 1974.
Main art exhibitions:
1974 - the Republican exhibition "Youth of Russia" (Moscow).
1977 - all-Union exhibition "Youth of country" (Moscow).
1978 - all-Union exhibition "60 years of Komsomol" (Moscow).
1980 - V zone exhibition "land of black earth" (Bryansk).
1983 - Republican exhibition "On the native country" (Krasnoyarsk).
1985 - Republican art exhibition "40 years of Victory" (Moscow).
International exhibitions:
1977 - "Soviet woman and life" (USA),
1977 - "Days of Soviet culture" (Czechoslovakia),
1978 - "international women's day" (USA),
1980 - "Soviet artists" (Romania).
The participant of group exhibitions:
1984 - "Artists of Moscow" (Leningrad),
1991 - "Artists Bryansk to Moscow."
Personal exhibitions:
1987 (Moscow), 1988 (Leningrad).
Works are in the collections of the State Museum of ceramics and
"Manor Kuskovo XVIII century", Russian Museum of decorative, applied and folk art, Orel art gallery, the Zagorsk state history and art Museum-reserve, the Bryansk regional art Museum exhibition centre, HAUK "Museum Dyatkovo crystal", the glass art exhibition hall of the Ministry of construction materials industry of the USSR (Moscow).
The work of I. A. Macavoy is associated with the earthly life of man, his joys and worries. Her work does not affect the external effects, and the fact that we are rediscovering simple, and infinitely dear to every beauty of nature surrounding us in the diversity of its manifestations. Looking at her work, imbued with a gentle lyricism, subtle emotion you can accurately say that there worked a woman.
In the works for the production Illariya Machnev develops the traditional crystal factory glass painting. Particular success can be noted for Cup: "Broken heart", "White", "Kupava", vases "Branch", which subtly sophisticated details misleading her beautiful songs a sense of completeness. From painting the artist moves on to painting on glass. Loop decorative wall plates is filled with emotion and simplicity delicate bouquets. Successfully get Ilaria's force Macevoy self-portraits, in which the expressive to the General condition.
In order to spice up your design and to convey a sense of Illariya A. uses a variety of unexpected forms, the most expressive materials and technology: crystal and colored glass, diamond-cutting and polishing.
Her work is filled with a whole range of emotions and palette for every mood; a riot of colors will not leave anyone indifferent. Once in the palette of moods, you will surely feel the warmth, which keep these amazing works of art.

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