Mitrofanovich Kizenko

Ukraine • born in 1926

Born on a farm near Bizh S. horuzhivka village, Sumy region. The portion of the Lord fell heavy child in the family of a village blacksmith: knew poverty was a sheepherder, had the opportunity to receive only four years of education. Two years of war N.Kizenko, was in forced labor in Germany, after a long time he served in the army in Bulgaria and the Caucasus. It is in Tbilisi (with the permission of the commander) was a student of the art course the Tbilisi Academy, where he received the basics of art education. In 1956, Nestor, kizenko along with his family returns Home, where he settled in the city. Worked in the district house of culture, children were taught to draw. All free time to painting. His work first becomes known among his sincere and simple, countrymen - lovers saw his works at exhibitions in various folk festivals and folk festivals. In 2000, N. M.Kizenko, as a folk craftsman, was chosen a member of the Union of artists of Ukraine. Today the artist's works are already familiar to many specialists, his work addresses the journal"Fine arts" the works of N. Kizenko saw the world: in 2001 his paintings were successfully exhibited in Santa Barbara (California, USA). Master paintings are in museums of Ukraine and private collections in Canada, the UK, Ukraine, USA, Germany

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