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Russia • born in 1953

Biography and information

Born in 1953 in Weimar (Germany).

In 1976 he graduated from the Moscow physical-technical Institute, Department "Space research".

Since 1978 engaged in photography.

Member of the Union of photographers of Ukraine.

Laureate of all-Union contests and Clydesdale.

The winner of the municipal creative award (2003).

Personal exhibitions in Moscow, Saint - Petersburg (Russia), Kyiv, Crimea and Kharkiv.

Participant and curator of several international advertising, information and tourism exhibitions (including"EXPO 2000", Hannover, Germany), author of catalogs and brochures about the Kharkiv region.

The works are in the collections of the Kharkiv art Museum, Kharkiv municipal gallery, Feodosia art gallery to them. Ivan Aivazovsky, the City gallery, Poznan (Poland), in private collections of Ukraine and abroad.

Major exhibitions and projects:

1993 - personal exhibition in the framework of the International Biennale of graphic art and poster "4 Block", gallery "Vernissage" (Kharkov).

1994 - the participant of the international conference on computer graphics (Helsinki, Finland).

1995 - "Art and fashion". II Kyiv art fair, Kiev, catalog.

1996 - Personal exhibition "My New world" in the framework of the International festival for the 100th anniversary of the Kharkiv photographic society, Museum of Art.

The project of "Ideal landscape", municipal art gallery (Kharkov).

1997 - "My New world". The house-Museum of Golitsyn (pike).

Festival of fine arts "Chronicle of Art. Kharkov. 80-90 years." City art gallery (Kharkiv).

The project of "Ideal landscape", II international Art Festival (Kyiv), the prize "Golden section".

The project "Delusions of grandeur...", III international Art festival (Kyiv), the prize "Golden section"".

1999 - project "Cities". City art gallery (Kharkiv).

Personal exhibition "Kharkiv – Cincinnati". The Kharkiv art Museum.

The Exhibition "Kharkiv. View of the city." City art gallery (Kharkiv).

2000 - "the Royal project". "Gala Gallery" (Magdeburg, Germany).

International art festival "Nature Art" (Magdeburg, Germany).

"EXPO-2000. As it was." City art gallery (Kharkiv).

2001 - international festival of photography. (Lille, France), booklet.

1999-2001 - participation in group exhibitions, gallery "Palette" (Kharkov).

2002 - project "Kharkiv a hundred mirrors" at the Festival of contemporary art "Cultural heroes", exhibition hall of the Kharkiv art Museum.

"Paris – Lille". The Kharkiv art Museum.

"Paris – Lille". French cultural centre (Kiev).

2003 - "Saccades", jubilee exhibition, House of artists (Kiev).

the project "top View" in the framework of the International Biennale "Month of photography", Central house of artists (Kiev).

Project "Panorama" at the International Biennale, Museum of cultural heritage (Kiev, Ukraine), catalogue.

"Polish diary" with the support of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland, the City art gallery (Kharkiv).

2004 - "From the archives", House of scientists (Kharkiv).

"Kharkiv photography". The city gallery "Arsenal" (Poznan, Poland).

2005 - "the City that we love", the municipality of the city of Nuremberg (Germany).