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Ivanovich Rodzin

Russia • born in 1924

Biography and information

In Dnipropetrovsk art Museum today opened an exhibition of works of honored artist of the USSR, graphic artist Nikolai Ivanovich Rozina. The artist passed away a quarter century ago, but until now his work in the genre of etching considered unsurpassed. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Nicholas Rozina.

Art College in the fate of Nikolai Rozina in the 41st year gave way to infantry. But he was lucky: after the war, he was able to return to the hobby. After College, class of painting in Kharkiv Institute he became interested in etching — the art of the rare and time-consuming. Nikolai reached perfection in it. It is to this day called the best fortistm of Dnipropetrovsk. Hundreds of his works are in different museums of the world and even in the Tretyakov gallery there are two etchings of the master of the industrial landscape from Dnepropetrovsk. Technical subject was born in his eyes. It was created by the hands of ordinary people.

Faith Rozina, widow of the artist:

"He, along with the miners climbed into the mines. He wanted to test himself. Before creating something, it all got acquainted, corresponded and they talked a lot".

Portrait of time fifties, sixties and seventies. It is a country which no longer exists, as no appeals five. But the artwork remained the look of a man swirling around it's production life. It is the opinion of the partner and the Creator. After creating a series of "Dnipropetrovsk — the city of iron, steel and rolled" Rozin became a recognized master of graphic. Not for the choice of the topic, argue critics, special style and undeniable talent of a master of drawing and etching. Today, when the times of production issues go, these works still come back. And "Ddove Clooney" as good as "Advanced blast furnace". The secret of this balance, of course.

Faith Rozina, widow of the artist:

"All life should be love this must be understood. He always invited me and said, " Look, please. It is important to me, as you perceive. Do you like or dislike" I Always watched his work. They are all dear to my heart."

("In Memory Of Nicholas Rodina")

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