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Anna Dorotea


Biography and information

Was the seventh child in the family. Learned from his father the portrait painter George Lisyanskogo description 1699г. from Poland to Berlin. In the family there were other artists: sister Anna Rosina (1713-1783) and brother Christian Friedrich Reinhold (C. F. R. Lisiewski)** (1721-1794). In 1761г. worked in Stuttgart at the court of Duke Karl Eugen of württemberg; in 1763 - a court in Mannheim painter Karl Theodor Faltskog; in 1765-1768гг. in Paris; with 1767г. - member of the Royal Academy of painting and sculpture, with 1768г. - member of the Academy of fine arts, Vienna, 1768-1770, in the Netherlands and Belgium, 1770 - again in Berlin, a court painter of Frederick II of Prussia. In 1773. by order of the Russian Empress Catherine II, it was painted the portraits of members of the Prussian Royal family of Hohenzollern.