United States • born in XX century

Biography and information

Michael Whelan (Michael Whelan, born June 29, 1950, Culver, California, USA). One of the most famous illustrators of books in the genre of fiction and fantasy, writing at the junction of surrealism and symbolism.

Features of creativity Michael Whelan: creates surreal plots and landscapes, sometimes filling them with symbolism, passing from picture to picture. Illustrates a series of books, so the same characters are often central characters in many works. Works of Whelan are romantic, alien to aggression, they are always distinguished by careful study of details. The author also has a sense of humor, which undoubtedly arouses the sympathy of the audience.

The most famous paintings: "Gold fish", "Tower of Green Angels", "Flaming eyes".

Lives and works in the USA. Winner of a large number of awards and prizes, record holder of the "Hugo" award, who received it 16 times, winner of the "Super-Hugo" as the best artist in the last 50 years.