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Antonovich Belonovich

Ukraine • born in 1924

Biography and information

born 3 Feb 1924 in Saratov. In 1939 he joined the Saratov art College, from which he graduated in 1948, but in between was the Great Patriotic war.

In 1942, Vladimir Antonovich was drafted into the army and sent to Kuibyshev airborne school. Got to the front in late 1944 in the rank of second Lieutenant.

Fought in the 3rd Ukrainian front 3rd Guards airborne brigade. He participated in the battles in Hungary (March 1945) and Austria. April 12, 1945, one day before the taking of Vienna, was wounded by shell fragments propelled gun. From 20 April to 4 June 1945 was in the hospital, and then continued military service in the occupation forces in Austria. In 1946 he was discharged from the army and enrolled in art school.

Immediately after graduation, V. A., Bilanovic returned there, but as a teacher.

From 1949 to 1995, V. A., Bilanovic worked as a teacher of special disciplines and technologies of painting in the Saratov art College. It was a very delicate, soft, but demanding and responsible person. He loved his students and they paid him the same. He wrote letters from different parts of our country, remember, and after 20 and 30 years after graduation.

Students of V. A. Belonovich in 1952-1957 was now Saratov artists of the older generation: Victor Chudin and Boris Davydov, artists Eugene Yali, Mr APIN, Nina Reshetnikov, Alexander and Lyudmila Istomina, which in turn took over teaching.

Being a man of extremely delicate and modest, his first solo exhibition V. A. Belonovich opened in March 1992 in Saratov artistic Interior Inspiration, and then exhibited in 1993 at the Engels Museum of local lore.

V. A. Belonovich belongs to that special genre in painting, as a sketch picture. Small (14х24 cm) working features captured by the artist the subtle nuances of the surrounding world.