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Vladislavovna Gurich

Ukraine • born in 1970

Biography and information

She was born 12 Dec 1970 in Kherson.

Her life journey began in his native Kherson, artistic development lasted in the Republican art teacher school. Ilya Repin (Kishinev), where already during her studies, she participates in exhibitions. A higher level of artistic and pedagogical education Zoya Hurich received in the cell's vibrant cultural life in the South of Ukraine – Odessa, where she graduated from South Ukrainian state pedagogical University. K. D. Ushinskogo specialty “Drawing. Visual arts”.

In the 1990-ies the artist is a teacher at Children's art school (Kherson) and in the Kherson design Lyceum, where he continued methodological and exhibition activities.

With the 2000P. Zoya Hurich works in HDU teacher of fine arts, designs courses “Batik” and “Decorative arts”. She participates in the organization of numerous student exhibitions, and 2003. the work of Z. Grujic appear frequently at the exhibitions of the city, region and country (only in 2004. – All-Ukrainian exhibition “to the day of the birth of Taras Shevchenko”, “Easter”, ”Picturesque Ukraine”, “day artist” and all-Ukrainian autumn art exhibition).

The artist is well-versed with the diverse techniques of artistic processing of textiles, in particular, cold batik and silk painting, the interest evoked by the works performed by the application of fabric and threads (diptychs “Mills” (2003), “Easter Eggs” (2004)).

Optimistic, life-affirming mood permeated the song “Maki” (painting on silk, 2002). Major musical and poetic descriptive structure of this work meets a bright color decision.

Originality of artistic conception and thoroughness of execution marked decorative panels Zoe Hurich. They embody the natural motifs convey the beauty of flowers (“Iris” (2003), the diptychs “Cali”, “Lana” – 2004), expressive display everlasting power of spirituality ancient architectural construction (“Before the holidays”, “Christmas” – 2004). These works are characterized by laconic composition, the geometric stylization of forms that keep a close Association with the architectural and living environment.

Creativity Zoe hurich attracts purity, surprise and diversity of artistic aspirations. Working in different art forms, it enriches their creativity, experience and achieves identity. It opens before the artist new perspectives of creative exploration and innovation.

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