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Dmitrievich Mukharkin

born in 1925

(1925, Nadezhdinsk, Sverdlovsk region).

In 1947-1952 he studied at the Nizhny Tagil art school O. E. Bernhard, Patkó, G. V., Kryukov. Went to creative giving - "Hot key" Academic dacha them. Ie Repin, the House of creativity im. K. Korovin in Gurzuf.

He taught at the Ural College of applied arts (Nizhny Tagil).

A landscape painter. For brushwork of the artist's characteristic expressiveness, dynamics, expressiveness. The color of his works is kept and intelligent.

Solo exhibitions were held in Moscow (1998, 2008), Yekaterinburg (1979, 2005), Nizhny Tagil (1986, 1995, 1999, 2008).

Works Buharkina included in the collection of the Nizhny Tagil Museum of fine arts, the Museum of Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, etc.

Born in 1925 in Nadezhdinsk (Serov).

Before the war graduated from the eighth grade of secondary school. From June 1941 to January 1943 he worked as an excavator driver in the blast furnace shop of Nadezhda metallurgical plant.

From January 1943 to December 1945 fought on the Second Ukrainian front. Participated in the fighting in the Korsun-Shevchenko direction, in the fighting near the city of Iasi (Romania). On the territory of Hungary was twice wounded. The second was seriously wounded in the street fighting in Budapest. Awarded the Order of the great Patriotic war of I degree, a medal "For courage", medal "For victory over Germany", commemorative medals and medal "Veteran of labour".

From 1947 to 1952, he studied at the Ural school of applied arts (Nizhny Tagil). Teachers - O. E. Bernhard, G. V. Patkó, V. V. Kryukov (Moscow). After graduation, she worked as a graphic designer in the Nizhny Tagil art Fund, taught at the Art school. I worked in a workshop with O. E. Bernhard. Met with I. K. Slusarev.

Went to creative giving in Vyshniy volochëk, Gurzuf, Krasnodar region, where he met well-known painters, contributing to its growth, K. N. Britovi, B. N. Yakovlev, V. Meshkov, V. F. M. Stojanovi etc. he painted landscapes, still lifes. Since the mid-1980s, he worked in gouache.

The work of V. Makarkina is a significant phenomenon in the history of the Ural art 1960s-80s At a time when most works of the Ural artists amid the harsh landscapes were Smoking pipes of factories and workers was a heroic feat in the paintings of V. Makarkina reigned carefree Sunny atmosphere characteristic of Russian and Western European painters of the first quarter of the twentieth century.

Painting V. Makarkina - juicy, bright-spirited, possessing explosive power of silent rebellion. His landscapes are imbued with the emotional stress, a powerful breath of nature. Wide pasty smear, elastic color and rhythmic fabric of the composition generate the image of the deep plastic head. Organic continuity with the best traditions of painterly realism, the Moscow school of painting 1920-30s, present in the works of the artist. Also in the works of V. Makarkina reviewed the best traditions of French and German impressionism and expressionism. No wonder he is called "Tagil van Gogh".

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