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Gennadyevich Ivanov

Russia • born in 1961

Biography and information

The Soviet period of painting was characterized by the existence of many of the "severe style" to impressionism. The artists of this era have received and continue to receive recognition both at home and around the world. Perhaps one reason for this success is the fact that the art of Russian masters always had value in the process and did not anticipate the commercial component. One of such artists, whose works have for many years successfully exhibited in Russia and abroad, is Yuriy Ivanov.

The future artist was born in 1961 in the southern Urals, in the town of Kyshtym, which is located in the Chelyabinsk region. Perhaps the choice of profession was influenced by the beauty and abundance of attractions: churches, monuments. The city, birthplace of the artist Yuri Ivanov, surrounded by forests and lakes: there are more than 30. One of them, Sugomak, together with the same mountain and in the cave is part of the natural complex. It is difficult to resist the beauty of these places, contributing to the discovery of a talent for creativity.

Professional education Yuri received at the Cheboksary art College (1976-1980), he continued education at the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named I. E. Repin. Here as the teacher of the future artist Yuri Ivanov was B. S. Ugarov is a wonderful person, an outstanding master of realistic painting, the President of the USSR Academy of arts. Of course, his personal example and excellent teaching skills have contributed to the development of the artistic skill of his pupil Ivanov.

Further creative life of Yuri succeeded. Three years after graduating from the Institute. Repin, he became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. His hands belong to the wonderful landscapes, still lifes and portraits, many of which have taken a worthy place in the regional, Republican and international exhibitions. In addition, the work of the artist Yuri Ivanov can be found in private collections in Korea, Japan, England, Germany and Russia. As for style, here the painter prefers impressionism, using a distinctive technique of painting rich and vibrant colors and realism. In the work of the artist, mostly prefers traditional materials: oil on canvas.