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Grigorievich Sukhanov

born in 1919

Active "kartinka" in the postwar years was known as P. G. Sukhanov. Every year, a new canvas. That was fertile conditions. Artists yearned for his hobby, like re-revived various types and genres of art. Since 1946, were regularly organized regional exhibitions. They waited for the artists and the audience. The emergence of new paintings, and even on a local subject, was an event.

A five year old boy brought by parents of Paul to Tyumen in 1924. Since then he lives here.

In 1937 P. G. Sukhanov entered Sverdlovsk art school. But two years later was drafted into the army. Already began to prepare for demobilization, war was declared. Orsha part was surrounded by. Shell-shocked P. G. Sukhanov, the Germans captured. So was in a concentration camp.

Paul G. decided to escape from captivity. It was appointed on may 31, 1943, the birthday of the artist. With him to roam freely and Fedor drums. But both were on foreign soil. Saved by the fact that the Erfurt became Americans and gave the recent prisoners to the Soviet command.

In October 1945, Paul G. took a military overcoat, and in 1947 he went to work in the Tyumen Association "Artist". In the same year P. G. Sukhanov participated in the Novosibirsk zonal exhibition.

50 years of P. G. Sukhanov was illustrated and decorated books: "Notes Koli Sinitsyna," "the Secret of the old frigate", "Sparrow-ruff" N. Nosov and "the Path of our book" P. Gorbunov and the novel I. Ermakova "Goddess in the overcoat" and others.

Paul G. willingly wrote sketches in nature and in the Studio. He tried to fill the gaps in his artistic education interrupted by the war. The persistence in mastering a professional skill, creative trip to the North allowed the artist to begin work on thematic paintings "On watch", "Books to the tundra", "Care for children" and others.

Wrote P. G. Sukhanov portraits, he worked on compositions dedicated to the events of the last war /"Surrender Breslau"/. Interested in the painter and the life of the collective farms. Done with the soul and shown in regional exhibitions, landscapes, portraits and genre paintings were not overlooked by the audience. The painting "the Organization of a collective farm in Siberia," written for the Tyumen Museum of local lore, P. G. Sukhanov, raised the events of collectivization.

In 60-e years the artist specially went to Riga, to paint portraits of the pilots, developing jet aircraft.

P. G. Sukhanov, in 1958, as a delegate attended the First Congress of artists of the USSR.

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