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Savvateevich Kanev

Russia • born in 1926

Biography and information

Born in 1926 in the family of a fisherman-hunter in the village Elvas located near the city of Salekhard.

At the end of the Salekhard deer College in 1944 he was drafted to the Pacific fleet. He served on the frigate "Belfest". The command of the frigate participated in the battle with the Japanese in amphibious operations, the liberation of Korea.

Ended the war Nikolai Savvateeva in the port of Gunsan and was awarded the order "Patriotic war 2nd degree", medals "For victory over Japan" "For the liberation of Korea", commemorative medals.

In 1950 Kanev N. With. worked in Yamalo-Nenets district Committee of the party, a Director of reindeer farm in trust "Vostokburvod".

The apartment of a former sailor has always been a real Museum. It was kept stuffed birds, animal crafts made from wood, clay. Basically, it was the figures of the inhabitants of the taiga and tundra. The work of artist Nicholas Savvateeva Kaneva exhibited in more than twenty exhibitions in the cities of Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk, Salekhard, Tobolsk, Tyumen, and Moscow.

In 1979, master took part in the national exhibition of Amateur creativity.

In 1995 Nicholas Savvateeva did not, but left many published in the local Newspapers articles about nature, about animals, as well as numerous drawings and crafts made from wood , clay.