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Ivanovich Picheta


Biography and information


Husband N. M. of Maria Sinyakova, friend G. petrikova. Before the first world war lived with his wife (N. M. of Maria Sinyakova) in Moscow on Malaya Polyanka.

In ВХ1917 have an address (possibly the father): “Picheta Ivan Hristoforovich, FR — a town cemetery, Church house .

In the described period, lived in Kharkov and Krasnaya Polyana. Collaborated with the magazines “Ears” Valentine Rogozina (1918), “ways of creation” Gregory petrikova (1919) and “Creativity” (1919).

In the first had published his cultural study, “the Forgotten symbolism of an old fortune-telling.”

The second — political-art article “a Few words about proletarian art”. It is possible that he also has signed with the initials V. P. article of “Applied art, as a collective and for the collective.”

The third category “Painting, sculpture, architecture, graphics” — the article “About the relationship between certain currents of painting and folk art” and the article “On proletarian art”. In “works” P. also participated as a designer (ending on p. 9 and headpiece on p. 10, No. 4, 1919).

In the beginning of 1919 was comprised, along with Bobrick and Petnikova, in the Reign of “Prof. Union Leaders Left the Art in Kharkov” (he was its Secretary).

Exhibited as a painter: “In the coming days in the cafe “Intime” (Sumy) offers a permanent exhibition of paintings, the type of foreign. Participate E. Agafonov, V. Picheta and others”, — reported in the autumn of 1918 Kharkiv journal “Ears”.

Figure P. played in the famous “Collection of modern art.”

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Lit.: ВХ1917

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