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Alexandrovich Barinov

United States • born in 1948

Biography and information

Was born July 24, 1948 in the village of Verkhne-katunskoye Biysk district of the Altai territory.

He graduated from art-graphic faculty of the Omsk state pedagogical Institute (1983).

Works in the technique of watercolor and oil painting in the genre of landscape, still life.

In 1970 - 1972 he worked as a graphic designer at the enterprises of Biysk. Taught painting and PDI, was Deputy Dean of the art - graphic faculty of Biysk state pedagogical University, taught at the graphic Department of the Biysk pedagogical College. Currently lecturer of painting and drawing art-graphic faculty of Biysk pedagogical state University. V. M. Shukshin.

The artist is actively engaged in design of books Biysk writers.

Since 2001 he is the Chairman of the Board of Biysk branch of the Union of artists of the Altai branch.

Since 1975, the participant of city, regional exhibitions. Such as, the exhibition of the Altai artists of Dallas (1992, USA), solo exhibition at the tourist complex "Traveler" (1997), personal exhibition in the state Museum. V. M. Shukshin, S. Srostki of Altai Krai (1997), group exhibition of artists bican in the village of Mamontovo of Altai Krai (1998).

Lives and works in Biysk.

Member of the Union of artists since 2001.

Major works:

"Girlfriends" .1986. H.,M. 85х100,

"The last santbrink" .1996. H.,M. 60х53,

"Water came in". 1998. H.,M.,

The "cloud". 1998. H.,M.,

"S. Srostki". 1998. H.,M. 90х119,

"May the evening Biy". 1999. H.,M. 52х85,

"It is time of weddings." 1999. H.,M. 94х94,

"Still Life "Memory". 2001. H.,M. 81х81,

"Green dance". 2004. H.,M. 88х97,

"Winter sprout". 2004. H.,M. 82х103.

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