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Alexandrovich Zoteev

Russia • born in 1924

Biography and information

Born September 25, 1924. the city of Kushva Sverdlovsk region.

Painter. Studied at the Nizhny Tagil art school.

Participates in regional, zonal, Republican and international exhibitions with 1958года, including "Soviet Russia", 1980, Moscow.

The member of artists Union since 1980.

Major works:

"Ulagansky gorge" 1976 GHMC,

"Apiary in Kolyvan"1975,GHMC,

"In the polar Urals,"in 1965, GHMC,

"Blooming maralnik", 1970, GHMC,

"White BOM", 1996, GHMC,

Kedr 1996, GHMC,

"Autumn in the artist's Studio", 1985, GHMC.

Born (25.09.1924) in the city of Kushva Sverdlovsk region.

In 1942 he volunteered to the front. He fought at Orel and Kursk, fought for Belarus and Poland, the war ended in Berlin. He was awarded two orders of red star (1945), order of Glory III degree (1944) and the medals "For a capture of Konigsberg" (1945), "For the capture of Berlin" (1945). In 1946, V. A. Eremin, was discharged.

Graduated from the Nizhniy Tagil school of industrial art from the painting-pedagogical Department, specialty "Artist - teacher of drawing and sketching" (1952). After graduation, the artist lived in the city of Miass, Chelyabinsk region. He worked as a teacher of drawing and painting in high school and school for working youth, and he also wrote the art room.

A tireless traveler, Viktor Aleksandrovich Eremin visited in the Subpolar and polar Urals (1960, 1966), months worked in a geological expedition in Yakutia(1961), made a trip to the Kola Peninsula, Khibiny, White and Barents sea (1962, 1964), has repeatedly floated on the rivers of Bashkiria (1963-1964), in the Altai mountains (1969-1972), and made two creative journey to Kolyma (1981-1982).

In 1967, Victor Aleksandrovich Eremin and his family moved to Barnaul. Since that time, along with landscapes brought from journeys, still lifes and portraits, a red thread in the artist's work is the theme of the urban landscape. In his works dedicated to the types of Barnaul, Eremin with trepidation and warmth displays and architectural monuments of the city.

More than 20 years headed the club of Amateur artists, passing students who do not have special art education, his skills. Many works donated them to Barnaul state pedagogical University, which studied Amateur artists.

A participant of regional exhibitions since 1968.

Exhibitions: the Chelyabinsk regional art exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the great October socialist revolution, Chelyabinsk, Russia exhibition of works of rural Amateur artists, Moscow (1965), "the socialist Siberia", Tomsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo (1975, 1980, 1985). The artist has had over 15 solo exhibitions.

Lives in Barnaul.

Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1980.

Major works:

"Polar Urals". 1964. H.,M. 80,2х205. GHMC,

"In Saber. The Subpolar Urals". 1965. H.,M. 80,5х205. GHMC,

"Lake Upper Multinskoe". 1974. K.,M. 80х95. GHMC,

"Apiary in Kolyvan". 1976. H. M. 60,5х70. GHMC,

"Ulagansky gorge". 1976. H.,M. 133х143. GHMC,

"Barnaul. Credit College". 1978. H.,M. 60,5х60. GHMC,

"The shed on the farm "Kyzyl - Many". 1979. H.,M. 140х175. GHMC,

"Scorched earth Orlovschiny". 1979. H.,M. 140х175. GHMC,

"Autumn in the artist's Studio". 1979 - 1981. H.,M. 134х137. GHMC,

"The Solovetsky monastery". 1984. H.,M. 80х105. GHMC,

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